outside-in: April 11/12

Outside-in charts my attempts to bring the garden into the house with haphazard English Freestyle flower arranging.

Sarah Raven brandy snap mix, cottage garden, gardening blog

Our vases have been full of tulips this month.

My favourites for picking were Sarah Raven’s brandy snap mix.

Their colours seem to suit the garden and the house. Steve prefers tulips in bright reds and yellows – I like them too – but these softer colours are more harmonious and gentler on the eye.

I’m especially smitten with a variety called belle epoque. It reminds me of the coral charm peony we have by the back door. I find it difficult to pick peonies since their flowers are so fleeting, but it feels far more acceptable to cut a few tulips. These lasted a good week in the vase, and smelt wonderful – almost summery.

belle epoque cottage garden, gardening blog

an overblown belle epoque tulip is almost peony-like

In fact, some of them looked a little nondescript in the garden, but came alive on a windowsill when they caught the sun.

Tulip Cairo and Ronaldo, cottage garden, gardening blog

this rust-coloured cairo tulip looks more remarkable in a vase than in the garden

Its hard to believe these flowers came from the dry bulbs I planted on a bitter day in November.


16 thoughts on “outside-in: April 11/12

    • Thanks Janet. I wish I’d bought more of them – they had 50% off in the end of season sale. They did look better in the house than in the garden, would have been better if I’d planted them closer together.

  1. They are gorgeous. What a lovely thing to remember for next winter…to plant the bulbs and know that this will come in Spring and bring such joy! I love tulips.

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