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acer yellow gardening blog

The star of the garden at the moment is the acer.

We have no idea what variety it is. But it is close to 20 foot tall, so it must have been here a long time. It was probably planted by the late husband of the lady who lived here before us. By all accounts he loved trees, and it is him we have to thank for their dominance in the garden.

Our daughter enjoys the tapestry of leaves around the acer’s feet. Which is as good a reason as any to delay clearing them up.

acer leaves on ground gardening blog

It is at its best on a cold, sunny day. You can stand inside the canopy and peer through the back-lit leaves which range from pale yellows to deepest reds.

back-lit acer gardening blog

Having a garden full of mature trees is a mixed blessing. Steve – a fan of prairie style plants – dislikes the amount of deep shade they create. But their knobbly trunks and gnarled branches are full of character, not to mention wildlife. They bring year-round impact and a quiet sense of permanence.

They connect us to people who have loved the garden before us. And maybe some of them will still be here when we’re long gone.

tall trees gardening blog

tall trees – beautiful, but a mixed blessing